Our Current Committee


Chairperson: Shannon Harrison

Secretary: Gill Rann

Treasurer: Rachel Mullins

Welfare Officer: Lauren Gale



The Pre-school is a charity and must have a committee in place to be able to run. The committee needs to be made up of parents and carers who are responsible for taking on the roles of Chair, Secretary and Treasurer. You can also become a general committee member without taking on one of these roles and still contribute to the committee.The committee generally meets once a term (every 6/8 weeks) and works together with the pre-school staff to come up with ideas, resolve challenges, support new initiatives and help to fund-raise money for extra learning and play things.

If you would be interested in finding out more please speak to a member of staff or a committee member who you can usually find at drop off or pick up times.

Or email: sandshillspreschoolcommittee@gmail.com