Staff prepare children exceptionally well for their next steps in learning and for school.


Children develop excellent social skills that help them to cooperate with behavioural
expectations and to respect others very successfully


Staff are highly vigilant and they listen carefully to children’s thoughts and concerns to help
keep them safe


Children develop a very positive approach to learning, showing high
levels of confidence and curiosity.

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It is with great sadness that we confirm the closure of Sandhills Preschool effective 14/02/24. We would like to take this opportunity to thank both parents, past and present, for your continued support and understanding and to the staff of the Preschool who have worked tirelessly to provide the highest standard of care to the children within the Preschool.


A warm welcome to the fun-filled learning environment of Sandhills Pre-School! We hope you enjoy exploring a bit of our world.

Our Vision

The staff and parent led committee are passionate about creating a safe learning environment where the children thrive and flourish.

Our Ethos

We are committed to encouraging children to be kind, curious and work as a team. We create a stimulating learning environment for the children to feel safe and to inspire learning. We foster a sense of belonging within the pre-school and the wider community.


‘We aim to provide all children at Sandhills Pre-school with the skills and knowledge that they will need for the future.  We ensure to meet the needs of each child regardless of their background.’

  • Sandhills Pre-school meets the needs of each individual child and we provide a curriculum to ensure that all children do well.
  • Sandhills Pre-school will develop areas of the curriculum by following interests of the children, helping them to further their knowledge and skills they will need for the future.
  • We will use what the children already know as a starting point to build on and following on from this the curriculum is planned so that the children can learn new skills and gain new knowledge.
  • Sandhills Pre-school helps and supports children to be resilient learners and also encourages them to be able to identify the characteristics of effective learning.
  • Sandhills Pre-school provide support to ensure the children’s wellbeing and ensure children have full access to the curriculum.

Our Curriculum will enable children to:

  • have a sense of wellbeing and high self-esteem - to have strategies to manage their feelings and behaviour
  • be respectful and positive members of the community
  • have the ability to communicate clearly - to express themselves
  • be independent, resilient and creative learners
  • see themselves as a learner and have a commitment to learn
  • to be able  to negotiate and problem solve
  • have the knowledge and skills for their life