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Information for parents/carers

Key person and pre-school families
Each child will be assigned a key person and will be part of that Key persons pre-school family.

Your child’s Key person will be responsible for settling your child in when they join us and will build a close relationship with you and your family during your time with us. They will be your first port of call for anything you wish to discuss about your child on a day to day basis and they will be responsible for monitoring your Childs learning and development, learning about their likes and interests so activities and experiences can be planned to support all children’s individual requirements. Meetings will be arranged with you to discuss your child’s development, however you are welcome to come and discuss your child’s progress at anytime with your key person.

If you would like guidance for your child’s learning and development, please see the following link:

Parents’ Guidance

Equal opportunities and inclusion

We offer a very warm welcome to all children and their families regardless of their class, culture, religion or disability. We aim to insure individual requirements are met and support is given where needed, through our trained staff, and outside agencies where required.

We practice a promoting positive behaviour approach. If however a child displays persistently challenging behaviour, we will notify parents/carers of this and will work closely with them to offer a consistent approach to dealing with the behaviour.

Safety and security
All staff and committee members have been checked by the Disclosure and Barring Service.
The front doors are closed during the session when not outside. All outside gates are checked and lock on the main gate. All areas risk assessed before the children are aloud to play outside. All Children are registered in and out and must be collected from their key person. If someone else is picking your child up we must be informed of this before hand and the name and a description of the person must be given. Please make sure you pick up at the correct time so the pre-school remains in correct ratio.

We hope that you and your child will be happy during your time at preschool, however if there is any aspect you are unhappy with, in the first instance speak with your child’s key person, if your key person is unable to resolve your concerns please speak with the room manger, then the over all manager and finally the chair of the committee. If you are not happy that the setting has addressed your concern satisfactorily you can contact Ofsted on 03001231231.

Ofsted inspections
We can be inspected by Ofsted at anytime without prior notice.  We are pleased to say on our last inspection was on 20th January 2017 and we received a grading of ‘Outstanding’. Please follow the link below for the full Ofsted report. Ofsted Sandhills Pre-School report.

Dropping Off/Picking Up

The preschool day begins at 8.50 and it would be appreciated if you could drop your child off in the ten-minute window between 8.50-9.00 to make sure the preschool routine is not disrupted. Morning sessions finish at 11.20 and prompt pick up is required so that staff can focus on the lunch time session. Children who go home after lunch need to be picked up on time as other children come in for the afternoon session and if not collected on time it puts us out of ratio. Afternoon sessions begin at 12.20 and finish at 2.50. We do have a late collection charge which we apply for late collections. This is charged at £20 for the first 20 minutes and £1 a minute after that.

We ask you not to bring your children in if they are unwell. Children with an Infectious diseases must remain at home until the doctor says they say they are fit to return. Our policy on sickness and diarrhoea is that they are 48 hours clear of their last bout of sickness and diarrhoea. If your child falls ill during playgroup you will be asked to arrange for your child to be collected.

Snack Time
As always, thank you for your generosity in donating fruit and vegetables for snack. We would also welcome items such as bread sticks and dried fruit as well.

Lunchbox Contents

Please provide cutlery and a drink for your child with their lunch and we would like to remind you that we do not heat up food, so if you require your child to have warm food, you need to provide this in a thermos container.
Please cut cherry tomatoes and grapes in half lengthways to avoid any choking incidents.

Nut Free Primary School
Sandhills Community Primary and Sandhills Pre-School is a nut free School so please do not bring in any food which contains nuts. We do have children in the school and Pre-school who are allergic to nuts so please do not send any in your child’s lunch.